Important message: Recall of the Elektron Power Handle BP-1

Product name: Power Handle BP-1

Hazard: Under certain circumstances, the Power Handle BP-1 can cause a short circuit, potentially posing a burn and/or fire hazard to consumers.

Immediate action required

  1. Stop using the Power Handle immediately
  2. Unplug the Power Handle
  3. Remove the batteries
  4. Contact us to register for the return process and full refund using the form on this page


Background: Elektron has discovered a manufacturing error involving some Power Handles that may cause overheating in the battery handle and the cable attaching the handle to the Model:Samples or Model:Cycles.

Initial information suggests that this issue affects a very small number of units, but we take safety extremely seriously. We have notified global consumer protection authorities and taken the voluntary decision to initiate a full recall of the product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. But it is paramount that everyone enjoys our products with full confidence in their safety.

What do I need to do?

Due to the safety risk discovered we have decided to collect all the Power Handles in the market. Please follow the below instructions.

  1. Fill in your contact information so that we can reach you
  2. Supply your payment details so that we can refund you (we offer bank transfer and PayPal). Please specify “Other” if these options do not work for you and we will be in contact 
  3. Supply your serial number
  4. Once you submit your information, we will send you simple return instructions based on where you live


After receiving your returned Power Handle, refunds will be processed in no more than 20 business days.

FAQ: Please see additional information here

Contact: If you have questions before submitting the form, email us at